After Basement Waterproofing

Once you take care of a leak in basement and waterproofing basement walls, what do you do with your new basement?

Here are some common uses that people use clean, dry basement space for:

  1. Rec room – Add a pool table to a dry basement and you get hours of fun.
  2. Teen Room – Does your kid need more privacy?  Are they getting to that age?  Why not renovate the basement and give them a greater sense of autonomy?
  3. Storage – just having a dry basement where you can store things and not worry about wet basement mold will really be great.
  4. Family room – does that giant flat screen and sound system take up too much space in your living room?  Chances are a dry basement can become a family theater.
  5. Office – with more and more people working from home or opening home based businesses, a big home office is a great thing to add.

These are just some of the reasons that people are waterproofing basements and getting foundation reinforcement beyond the obvious reason of having a nicer house.




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