Avoid one size fits all basement systems for waterproofing basements


If you are looking at solutions for waterproofing basements beware of  basement waterproofing contractors who offer a one size fits all basement systems approach.  Not all basement issues are alike, even though there are really only two types of water that cause basement water leaks.

You can spot the  basement waterproofing contractors who sell the same basement systems to every homeowner they encounter pretty easily if you look out for certain things.  Ask them to show pictures of both exterior basement waterproofing and interior basement waterproofing projects they have performed with references.  If they cannot do that or hesitate / blow off your request, chances are they are trying to steer you to their “system”.

You will find most exterior basement waterproofing only companies will always say “you have to get the water from theoutside where it comes from” or “you dont want to use your foundation as a drain”.  Both ststements are common sense and true from a literal standpoint; however, if you have basement water leaks comming up through your floor or from the seam where the wall meets the floor, you likely will not stop the problem with an exterior basement waterproofing solution.

Get a thurough inspection from a tru full service basement waterproofing contractor whith a track record of success in waterproofing basements In northeast Ohio call Pioneer Basement solutions for a no pressure plain pricing approach.

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