Basement Finishing

Basement Finishing

As you probably know finishing your basement is the most cost effective way to add useable square footage to your home.  Unlike building an addition, finishing the basement does not involve the cost of installing a foundation, a roof and a subfloor.  That means you can get that extra space you need or want at a fraction of the cost of building from scratch.

Get extra space for the kids to play or a quiet home office space.  Maybe a game room or a cozy family hang out is what you need.  You might be dreaming of the ultimate sports bar or home theater.  The possibilities are endless for new space created by basement finishing.

basement finishing playroom basement sports bar area

Our basement finishing division operates in a more limited service area than our other offerings, please contact us for more information.

Hire the right basement finishing contractor

The most important decision you will make about your basement finishing project is who to trust to do the work.  Unlike other basement finishing contractors who may come and go Pioneer Basement Solutions was established in Northeast Ohio in 1979.  Our team of professionals delivers award winning customer service.

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Start with a dry basement and solid foundation

It is important to check for water issues or damage before beginning any basement construction. Check your basement walls for cracks and signs of water damage or moisture.  Surface water can enter your basement walls through cracks, weak mortar joints or through the face of the foundation itself. Look around outside at the foundation as well. Be sure your downspouts and gutters are free of debris are are taking water away from the basement.  Check any abutting concrete like driveways, patios and sidewalks.  Make sure water can flow away from the foundation and not towards it.

Water seepage can occur through three main areas; the walls, the seam where the walls meets the floor, and up through the floor. The original waterproofing system installed during home construction consists of a seal on the wall and a drain at the bottom of the foundation. Basement leaks are a result of a weakness or failure of the foundation seal, the foundation drain or a combination of both.

Pioneer Basement Solutions is a full service basement waterproofing contractor.  We offer exterior and interior basement waterproofing systems.  Pioneer also offers foundation repair and replacement able to fix any structural problem you may have.  Make sure your foundation is solid and dry before investing in finishing.

Materials that make sense

basement finishing materials

Basements are notably more damp than above ground living spaces.  Humidity is heavy in the air and falls to the lowest point which is your basement.  It is important to use a good dehumidifier in your basement and finish with materials that are best suited for that environment.  Pioneer uses the latest products designed to resist mold and moisture.  Foam board insulation is superior to fiberglass because it is solid and air can’t travel through it.  The foam board also acts as a vapor barrier.  Metal stud framing is ideal for basement finishing.  Metal studs will not rot or grow mold / mildew.

We use materials that will blend seamlessly with the upper living areas of your home.  Many basement finishing contractors use modular finishing systems.  These systems use multiple trim pieces to join panels at the seams.  These prefabricated panel systems look like mobile home or office wall systems.  Our smooth and seamless walls can be painted and blend right in with the rest of your home.

What will it cost to finish my basement?

The cost to finish a basement is based on many variables. A quick Google search and you will likely see numbers between $40 and $90 per square foot. Your total square footage cost can be impacted most by your choice of ceiling and flooring materials.  If you have ever shopped for flooring you may know prices vary greatly there.  Many basement finishing contractors choose to leave the flooring up to the customer since the options are so great.

Drywall ceilings typically cost less than drop tile ceilings since it can be installed directly to the the framing above. Drywall ceilings do require finishing and many people prefer them painted.  The benefit of the drywall ceiling is the integrated look of the rest of the home.

Drop tile ceilings are pre finished and there is no taping, mudding and sanding. So a typical drop tile ceiling will be installed faster and cleaner than drywall. Drop tile ceiling have advantages over drywall in the ease of access to mechanical systems and better acoustical properties.

Options like a bar area or a bathroom can be budget busters and the options with these things are virtually endless.

The amount of rooms requiring dividing walls will effect the total cost of finishing your basement as well.  More rooms means more doors, trim, lights etc.  and walls that need to be finished on both sides vs. just one.

Other big variables affecting cost

Including a bathroom will add thousands to your basement project.  On the other hand an extra bathroom can add significant resale value to your home not to mention the added convenience.  A half bath naturally costs less than a full bath.  A luxury spa in your basement can cost as much as the rest of the basement project depending on your choice of material and amenities.

Adding an egress window to your basement finishing project will not only add safety but also add the square footage of your project to your total living area.  So a 2000 square foot home with another 800 square feet of finished basement with egress means you now have a marketable 2800 square feet.

The bottom line

Most importantly, the bottom line is up to you. Therefore, start your project by determining what you can or want to invest into finishing your basement.  A realistic starting point for one basic space should be between $15,000 and $20,000.  Beyond that the sky, or the budget, is the limit.  Our experienced team will ensure you get the most out of every dollar you invest into your basement with Pioneer.

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