Basement finishing ideas for your home and family

Do you have unused space in your home? Is it the basement, time to spruce it up and give it new life. If you have a family a great use of the space is to create a family fun room. This is a simple yet cost effective way to create an area for the entire family to love. Depending on the state of your basement, costs can be minimum.

With any basement finishing ideas it is best to set a spending limit. For a family fun space, you will need to cover the ceiling if it is unfinished, paint the walls, this is easier than trying to cover the blocks that are typically used to create the walls then cover the floor. Finding a nice carpet will do the trick.

Get the whole family involved in basement finishing ideas, this will help to determine the best use for everyone in the family. If you have chosen to go with a family fun room, be sure to ask the kids what they would like to have in the room. Sofa, television, gaming table, etc. Come up with a theme for the room. By having a theme, it can add fun and character to the space and keep it from being drab. If you want the space to be used, it must feel cozy to everyone.

If your family has a game that they love to play for example Monopoly, then work off of this game for a theme. Paint the walls the base color of a monopoly board. You can use older monopoly games to create pictures, etc that can be hung around the room. Use felt to create throw pillows in the shape of the houses and hotels.

Other great basement finishing ideas that many don’t consider doing are: a guest bedroom, a teen apartment, a craft area for mom, how about a workshop for dad to build things in. Use the space to its best advantage for you and your family. You will be amazed at what concept you can come up with.

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