Basement Leaks and Foundation Repair

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As homeowners, the upkeep of our homes takes precedence over any other expenses we may have every single year.  After all, our homes are probably the most expensive asset that we own, and neglecting it would be foolhardy.  That’s why taking care of any problems that you may have with the basement or foundation of your home is so important.  Something that starts little can take drastic proportions in no time at all.  contact us for any basement and foundation repairs you may have.  We have the knowledge and expertise of many years in the business.

Basement leaks start outside

Question: We have a tri-level house. Over the past three years, the basement has flooded three times — twice to the point where it ruined carpet. It happened again two weeks ago when we got hit with flash floods….

— Batavia, Ill., via email

Answer: I assume that the crawl space is on the same level as the flooded basement. Otherwise, the crawl space would have to be filled to the level of the basement for the water to enter and damage it.

What was the condition of the crawl space during the basement flooding, which makes you feel the need to install drainage and a sump pump in it?

Most causes of basement leakage are grade deficiencies. Before attempting any corrective measures inside, you should carefully look around the perimeter of the foundation. The grade should gently slope away from the house on all sides, as should all appendages.

Flat or negative grades, plantings against the foundation (especially if mulched), appendages sloping toward the house, roof water not properly disposed of — these are the main culprits, though there are others.

Correct any and all deficiencies and see if that solves the problem. If the leakage is due to an underground spring or a rising water table — both infrequent occurrences — it usually requires interior work.

Where you have had to cut the drywall, is the bottom plate pressure-treated? If not, does it show any signs of damage besides water stains? It should be allowed to dry thoroughly before sealing it back in with drywall.

See this basement go from unfinished to unbelievable after a massive makeover

When a San Francisco couple contacted design-build firm building Lab about renovating the lower level of their Bernal Heights neighborhood home, the goal was to create a multipurpose family space, guest quarters and laundry in the partial basement.

What they got was an extreme transformation from dingy garden-level space to modernized great room that includes a family/entertainment room, kitchenette, full bathroom, office, laundry closet and mudroom.

It was a major renovation that involved extensive demolition, excavation and drainage, and required the house to be suspended on cribbing while new foundation was installed. The stylish outcome ended up winning building Lab a 2016 Remmies award from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry for best basement renovation over $100,000.

With Connecticut Foundations Crumbling, ‘Your Home Is Now Worthless’

STAFFORD SPRINGS, Conn. — Sandra Miller was at work in January when her daughter called from their home here on Oakridge Drive with alarming news. The house was making loud noises, as if someone had jumped off the counter and landed with a bang. For seconds afterward, the house shook.

A while later, it happened again, and again. Over the next several hours, terrifying bangs rattled the house. The next morning, Ms. Miller called Bill Neal, a structural engineer, who delivered the same stunning assessment to her that he has now told hundreds of homeowners: The concrete foundation was crumbling and, as a result, her house was gradually collapsing.

Across nearly 20 towns in northeastern Connecticut, a slow-motion disaster is unfolding, as local officials and homeowners wrestle with an extraordinary phenomenon. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of home foundations that have been poured since the 1980s are cracking, with fissures so large you can slip a hand inside.


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