Basement Refinishing – Step 1

The first step before you refinish your basement is to ensure you have critical items well taken care of.

For example, basement waterproofing is a big issue.  Even if you do not see a leak, you might want to have a waterproofing company take a look if your basement is older or very humid.  It would be unfortunate if you refinished your basement and then it started leaking the next Spring and you had to eat all your basement finishing cost.

Also you will want to have your foundation inspected.  Sometimes simple wall reinforcement can prevent more significan bowing of basement walls in the future.  It is easier to do it before you refinish your basement vs after.

If you have a home in Ohio, you know that it is very common to have a wet basement.  But you do not have to.  Call a qualified Ohio basement waterproofing company and have them take a look.

If you need an Akron Waterproofing Company or a Canton Waterproofing Company be sure to call us.  We cover a wide area of Northeast Ohio and we can assist you with damp, wet basements, waterproofing and Homeowners foundation repair issues.


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