Basement Remodeling Begins With Dependable Waterproofing

Basement remodeling adds lots of extra living space to your home, but basement water leakage could put limitations if not properly corrected. Actual water leakage and condensation are two conditions to deal with for a dry basement. Water leakage is a concern to homeowners but many are unaware of the damages high humidity can cause to the basement. The shrinking or condensing of the air volume results in higher humidity. Everything porous in the basement absorbs extra moisture in the air causing a foul odor. Dehumidifiers remove unwanted extra humidity from the basement. It benefits even a basement without leaks.

Water leakage in the basement must be permanently corrected before starting to remodel it. Start by correcting the obvious source of the problem like broken or non-existent rain gutters, emptying down spouts, sloping ground toward the home, uncovered underground windows and the like. Next, try to identify the areas in the house where the leakage is experienced. Cracks in the leaking walls can be repaired with hydraulic cement or crack injection. Installing a sump pump below the floor level can lower the water table and underground hydrostatic pressure if the water comes from an isolated area. It might be best to call a basement waterproofing expert to identify and solve the problem if there is uncertainty on problems. Variety of services like outside excavation, wall repair, interior or interior drainage systems, interior cove systems, grout or epoxy injection and the like. It requires a professional basement waterproofing expert to do most of the said options.

Never nail furring strips onto the walls. Penetrating the foundation will compromise its barrier against the water. Use construction adhesive rather than nails or screws to adhere the bottom wall plate to the floor. It is fine to nail the upper wall plates into the upper floor joists. Don’t glue the basement carpet. The carpet is going to wear out and is to be replaced. Glued down carpets creates problems in the attempt to remove it. Tell the carpet installer to make use of construction adhesives in installing the carpet tack strips around the perimeter and never allow them to drive nails into the cemented floor.

One can enjoy lots of extra living space by remodeling the basement with some construction techniques, a reliable waterproofing system and humidity control.

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