Basement Water Leaks Are No Fun!

Few things are more frustrating to a homeowner than basement water leaks. Basement water leaks can be caused by a number of sources, such as leaks in household pipes, leaking appliances such as a hot water heater or washing machine, or even cracks in the house’s foundation. Many people assume that damp basements with a musty odor are normal, but the musty odor is caused by wet basement mold, and both mold and dampness are signs that there is a leak in your basement.

The end results of a leak in your basement could be material, such as damaged possessions or damage to the home’s structure, or physical, such as health problems caused by wet basement mold. Because many basement water leaks are gradual, and because unfinished basements are not heavily used areas of the home, significant damage can occur before the homeowners are even aware of a leak.

You can protect your basement against damage from water leaks by consulting a basement waterproofing contractor. A basement waterproofing contractor can determine the possible sources in your specific home for basement water leaks, and determine the best way to waterproof your basement to protect it against leaks. As any homeowner who has lost possessions due to damage from leaking basements will tell you — prevention is the best medicine!

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