Basement Waterproofing and Home Value

Homes with basements can either be a great asset or detriment to home values depending upon the condition of the below grade space. Years of foundation settling can cause many unwanted issues in the basement area such as flooding, small leaks, pests and dangerous mold problems.

These common issues in older homes need to be taken care of by a professional who knows how to get the job done and get it done right the first time. Even though some damage may be apparent from the surface, there may be other issues beyond the basement wall that need to be addressed. Improper draining from downspouts or less than perfect terrain grades can exasperate water leakage problems.

Fining a professional basement waterproofing contractor will be your best option when it comes to maintaining the value of your home in this regard. The contractor may be able to give the homeowner some useful basement finishing ideas that will allow for a better use of space while adding valuable living area to the home. Having your home waterproofed will not only give you a better peace of mind but will help keep the rest of your home in great shape.

The cost to have these repairs and preventative maintenance done isn’t as much as one would think and it will defiantly save you money in the long run.

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