Basement waterproofing cost Part 2

Last blog I discussed what too look for in basement waterproofing companies that affect the basement waterproofing cost and in this blog I will touch on basement waterproofing methods that affect the project cost.

First thing I want to cover is “patented basement systems”.  These basement systems are designed to make it difficult if not impossible for you to compare basement waterproofing solutions.  It is a sales tactic.  It is a sales tactic.  Yes I know I repeated myself, just want to be sure you caught that.  Any  basement waterproofing contractor can have drainage pipe made a certain color or shape and or offer certain combinations of solutions and apply for a patent and call it “exclusive super duper world’s best waterproofing”…you get the point.

Next thing I want to cover is exterior basement waterproofing methods.  The basement waterproofing cost for this type of solution is always going to be the highest, and don’t forget to include replacing the sidewalk, deck, patio, landscaping etc… into your budget.  You should see a range of $100 to $150 per linear foot for exterior basement waterproofing solutions.  Typically these contractors are more serious, less “dime a dozen” for those who actual do this type of work because there is much greater risk and overhead expense to be able to perform.

For interior basement waterproofing solutions are unfortunately a dime a dozen and harder to compare. (Look at the Part 1 blog where I covered some things to look for in basement waterproofing companies that directly affect the cost.)  Bob the Builder working out of his home and hiring subcontractors off the street will always be the low price winner. These are the companies you may have never heard of but ran across an ad in the yellow pages / local small paper or found their name online when doing a search. Obviously the companies with the most advertising, biggest facility, most employees will have the most overhead and the highest prices.  Chances are these are the companies you have heard of due to their extensive advertising campaigns.

Compare the actual work getting done very closely.  Sounds simple but there are may ways to cut corners in anything you do including basement waterproofing.  Look at pictures of finished projects and check for a smooth concrete replacement.  Be sure to compare actual footer drainage to “baseboard” type drains (even the ones that are in the concrete like water guard systems).  Footer drains take a lot more work and should always cost more that the “on top the footer solutions”, except for of course, the patented ones you can not compare apples to apples to which will be pricey.  You should see numbers between $35 and $45 for basics plus pump systems and any wall work from there.

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