Basement Waterproofing in Northeast Ohio

stock-photo-17128627-unfinished-basementLeaks in basements, and cracked or bowed basement walls are issues that as homeowners we have to deal with. In Northeast Ohio, rain and snow can cause your basement to become flooded and if not properly taken care of, damage the foundation of your home.  For many of us our home is the biggest investment we have, and neglecting its care can lead to disastrous financial problems.  Taken care of a wet basement right away can save you thousands of dollars if taken care of it promptly before it damages the foundation of your home.

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Basement Issues Could Get Worse

With still over a week to go, and more rain in the forecast, this is already the wettest December on record.

That’s led to major water issues in basements all across Northeast Wisconsin, and the soggy weather could make problems even worse in the weeks to come.

A crew from Basten Construction & Waterproofing is conducting what it calls damage control at a home in Bellevue where the basement recently flooded.

“We’re just trying to get the wet stuff out before mold grows behind there and get it so it’s not a health issue for the people living here,” says project manager Matt Buchholz.

It’s a December Matt Buchholz has never seen before in the foundation repair business.

“I’m not caught up with all the phone calls yet, I’ve still got phone calls to make, people to go see and every one of them has water in their basement. Normally this time of year we’d be putting our excavation equipment away about a month ago and running snow plows to stay busy,” says Buchholz, adding that the concern now, and moving forward, is frost.

Don’t Let Your Flooded Basement Sink You

Half a decade before James Cameron’s “Titanic” resurfaced the doomed ship into popular consciousness, I was screaming its name in my mother’s basement.

The door to the ash dump—the place where soot fell from the first-floor fireplace—was profusely leaking water during a rainstorm. Curious, I opened the hatch and was promptly drenched with a fountain of water. If memory serves, I began shouting rather incomprehensibly about the house sinking into the earth. It didn’t, but it flooded for a good, long while—filling our 2,000-square-foot basement with nearly a foot of water. I grabbed my galoshes and a bucket and got to work.

For years after that, our basement periodically flooded. Each time, we rented a sump pump and hauled water out by the bucketful. We never really figured out how to keep the problem from recurring. But thanks to®you can!

Learn from our mistakes with these flood fixes—and potentially save yourself thousands in repairs.

Thousands expected to attend home improvement expo

LOUISVILLE, Ky. —Over 10,000 people are expected to attend the Kentucky Home Improvement Expo, which will bring hundreds of exhibitors to the Kentucky International Convention Center on Jan. 15, 16, and 17.

The show will feature seminars, exhibits and demonstrations from local and national companies, designed to help consumers through the process of home improvement.

“The Expo is an excellent resource for people interested in home improvement,” said show manager Tim Reagan. “There are many exhibitors on hand, ready to answer your questions for projects big and small.”

The Home Improvement Expo will feature exhibitors from many different industries. Experts will be on hand to help homeowners through their projects, from the smallest design change to the largest home addition. Contractors can help with cabinetry and countertops, flooring, sunrooms, waterproofing, energy-efficient windows, and basement finishing – and that’s just the start.

Throughout the event, educational seminars will be offered to attendees on the expo’s seminar stage, including Watrous Associates Architects’ seminar “Designing Energy – Efficient Homes & Additions”.  Visit for more information.

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