Basement Waterproofing Medina, OH

Basement waterproofing Medina, OH
Waterproofing Basements in Medina and all areas of Medina County

Basement Waterproofing Medina, OH

Since 1979 Pioneer has been waterproofing basements in Medina, OH and all communities in Medina County including Wadsworth, Brunswick, Hinckley, Brecksville, Granger, Sharon, Westfield, Litchfield, Guilford, and Lafayette.

We are full service and offer all types of basement waterproofing such as: exterior waterproofing, interior waterproofing and combination solutions.


basement waterproofing medina, oh
Waterproof membrane applied over foundation for dry basement walls


Interior waterproofing wall panels
Brighten up storage and laundry areas with our full wall waterproofing wall panels

Many homes in Medina County are older and made of stone, sandstone, brick and various clay based blocks as well as cement block.  We offer solutions that will dry all types of foundation materials.

We customize the solution to fit your specific needs and preferences. Many basement waterproofing companies sell the same “one size fits all” or “patented” basement system to every homeowner regardless of the problem. We evaluate the causes of your basement problems and review all basement solutions with you so you can make a well informed decision.

Whether you are looking to improve your basement space for new uses or continued worry free use, basement waterproofing can protect and improve your investment in your home.

Foundation Repair Medina, OH

Whether you have bowing basement walls, cracks in your foundation from settling, rotting foundation walls or even a full basement wall collapse we can help.  We offer all types of foundation repair and replacement to solve your basement foundation problems.

foundation replacement
Brick foundation before replacement
New cement block foundation
New cement block foundation

Better Business Bureau

Several consecutive years of Gold Star Awards for ZERO COMPLAINTS!

Gold Star Awards are issued to companies for three consecutive years of service with no complaints. Pioneer has never had one complaint filed in the history of our company!

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Call today if you are in need of basement waterproofing in Medina, Oh and surrounding areas at 877-321-4889.



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