Basement Waterproofing Paint

Waterproofing a basement by applying basement waterproofing paint to the interior of the walls is the most popular method used by do it yourselfers. Basement waterproofing paint is not a bad idea for some, but could be a waste of time for others.

Let’s look at when it is probably not a good solution:

1. If your walls are already painted then basement waterproofing paint will not likely work. This paint works by soaking into the porous cement block material. Applying waterproofing paint on top of other paint will lead to big bubbles, flaking and loose chunks falling off because the waterproofing paint could not bond into the wall.
2. If your walls are not cement block. Basement waterproofing paint was developed for cement block. All other foundations, such a clay tile, will not take the paint correctly.
3. If you have actual water seepage issues. Basement waterproofing paint creates a “dam” and can allow water to stack up in your block walls. This can cause rot and decay that will lead to major problems later. Actual water seepage should be dealt with utilizing professional repair and solutions.

Basement waterproofing paint can work well for minor dampness issues that occur in cement block walls that are not previously painted. If your basement does not fit this profile, call Pioneer Basement Solutions today for a free inspection and no obligation estimate at 1-877-321-4889. Or visit the website at and be sure to check out our current sale!

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