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Basement flooding is a major problem for homeowners. Although basement waterproofing may seem expensive and unnecessary, consider the alternative, repairing the damage caused by water will cost more than just the basement waterproofing itself. Standard insurance policies do not always cover basement flooding. Valuables are often kept in a safety box stored in the basement, which is usually the first flooded part of the house.

Many home foundations are not waterproofed. Moist earth around an unprotected foundation causes dampness in the basement. Basement waterproofing will not only prevent humidity but also protect the home’s foundation. Waterproofing the basement is a critical step in maintaining the house and an important measure in the prevention of serious water damage. It is generally not recommended to do the work alone. It’s a task to be handed over to professional basement waterproofing contactors. Insurance companies may refuse to pay a flooding claim if the waterproofing was not done by professionals.

Applying black tar is a common foundation waterproofing used by homeowners. However, it is not recommended as a long-term solution. It will dry out, crack and allow seepage within five to eight years. The said method can be effective as a damp-proofing method but is not recommended as a basement waterproofing material.

Choose the application of a rubberized liquid membrane, same material tires are made of, liquid membrane is quick drying, inexpensive and easy to apply either using a roller, sprayer, or trowel. However, there must be consistency during the application.

Mold is an indication of a leakage in the basement. Basement mold is the result of cracks in the walls or the floor, improperly installed or lack of footer tiles, leaks from sweating basement pipes and basement windows. Black molds grow where there is water damage and is considered a serious health concern.

Basement waterproofing can minimize water penetration and prevent its growth. It is best to consult a professional basement waterproofing contractor if mold is a problem. The climate and landscape of the area is also to be considered when having the basement waterproofed.

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