Cracks in Home Foundation

stock-photo-749897-cracked-concreteTaking care of a home is a difficult task. Older homes can build problems such as mold and mildew issues in the basement and cracks in the foundation of the house. Issues like these can grow to become much bigger issues if they are not taken care of quickly.
This all depends on the type of foundation you have under your home.

There are three types of foundations. The first is a “slab on grade” foundation. It is a layer of concrete that is poured onto the soil. After the layer dries, the house is placed on top of the slab. These are typically used in dry climates.
The second type of foundation is the pier and grade beam. This is a foundation that supports the outer frame of the house creating a crawl space between the ground and the home.

The third type of foundation is called the basement foundation. This foundation is a hole in the ground that is dug at least 20 feet deep. The sides of the foundation are filled with cement. The house is then placed on top of this foundation.
There are many factors in causing a crack in the foundation. It can be changes in the soil from expanding and contracting in cold weather. It could be the freezing temperatures quickly changing to warm temperatures.

Important things to look for are cracks in your walls, sticky doors or windows. If there are sticky doors and windows, it could be a sign that the frame has twisted. It also can show signs that your home has shifted by leaving gaps between the top of the door and the door frame. Look at the second story of your home. If there are cracks above doors and windows, that could be a sign of the house shifting which causes cracks in your foundation as well. Cracks in a wall can also be a sign that there are cracks in your foundation.

Make sure to look for any signs of little critters such as spiders and mice as well. These can be an indicator that your foundation has broken and they are able to get in somewhere.

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