Do You Know If You Have a Foundation Problem?

Water in the basement, damp walls, leaky water lines, and humidity are easy for any homeowner to spot.  But, as homeowners the more difficult task we encounter is knowing whether the foundation of our homes are faulty or not.  I f you own a brand new home, it should be obvious that it has a foundation with no problems.  But, if you own an older home and are unsure as to whether you have a damaged foundation or not, hiring a home inspector to come see your home could be a good idea.  Early signs of a damaged foundation tend to be subtle, and as homeowners we may not see that there is something wrong.

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Basement floods prompt homeowners to sue contractor and concrete company

A Skokie husband and wife are suing a Cook County contractor for breach of contract in a dispute over the construction of a new home’s foundation and other issues with the residence.

Barry and Lisa Sorkin filed a claim Sept. 21 in Cook County Circuit Court, Law Division against Viorel Cordos and Duran Concrete Inc. alleging breach of contract, negligence and fraud.

According to the claim, the Sorkins hired Cordos to build a house on property they owned in Skokie. As general contractor, Cordos hired Duran Concrete to build the home’s foundation and install basement waterproofing. After moving into the house, the plaintiffs have allegedly experienced significant water seepage and flooding three times in 2014 and 2015. Subsequent investigations have allegedly shown no waterproof membrane was used on the foundation and that proper drains were not installed on the property. These defects have forced the plaintiffs to make significant repairs.

What Type of Repair and Restoration Service to Engage for Foundation Repairs

Taking any chances with the foundation repair service means risking the entire property itself.

Cracks and leaning walls could be a lot of trouble and call for urgent foundation repair and maintenance before they lead to even bigger problems.

These structural issues are a great cause for concern, because they can easily compromise the integrity of the entire structure of the building.

Before residential and commercial property owners make the next move, it is important to weigh certain factors that could impact their decision to hire the right service.

Factors to choose a foundation specialist

There is no doubt that property owners should ensure that only a foundation specialist is engaged for the necessary residential or commercial foundation repair. Avoid calling any other renovation service that is not equipped to handle the complexity of the task.

State Warns Insurance Companies Not to Cancel Policies Over Foundation Problems

The state insurance department sent a letter to insurance companies notifying them they are not to cancel or non-renew any policies for homeowners who file claims for coverage because they have a crumbling foundation.

The move is in response to concerns voiced by many homeowners and their attorneys.

One homeowner complained to the Department of Consumer Protection that their insurance company was dropping them at renewal because they had an issue with their home’s foundation.

In the course of an NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters investigation starting in July, homeowners have said they are scared to file a claim because of the risk of losing insurance.

Homeowners and attorneys tell NBC Connecticut their claims get denied, at times without the insurance company seeing the failing concrete basement walls.

The Department of Consumer Protection released a brochure to help homeowners with the issue.

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