Dry Basement = Healthier Home

The bottom line is that if you have a dry basement then you are going to have a healthier home. Any kind of moisture that is able to leak or be exposed and reside inside of a basement increases the chances of wet basement mold. The accumulation of mold means the increased chance of breathing problems and sickness.

The most common cause of wet basement mold is a leak in the basement. A leak in the basement can be caused by leaking pipes or a slightly cracked open window. Basement water leaks are very common but can easily be remedied by waterproofing your basement. There are several ways of waterproofing a basement but sealing off the foundation is one of the more common. Any kind of waterproofing sealer can be used on exposed pipes and cracks that may be evident in the basement and the foundation walls. You can easily consult with a contractor and they can give you an estimate about waterproofing your basement.

Wet basement mold can accumulate fast and grow quick. In order to prevent this from happening, the best thing to do is waterproof your basement and get the advice of a knowledgeable basement waterproofing contractor.

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