Facts About Basement Foundation

 Having a basement in your home is a great idea. A basement allows you to store extra furniture or junk you may not have room for in the home. Many people also convert their basements into entertainment rooms, adding in televisions, surround sound systems, and movie collections. One of the downfalls about basements is the fact that they are susceptible to having leaks. These leaks may happen if you live in a high-risk zone for floods or if your basement is not properly sealed. Water damage in basements that do not have a foundation reinforcement may even cause bowed basement walls.

The word hydrostatic refers to the pressure of water against the basement’s foundation. If your basement is not properly sealed, this water can leak through the concrete and cause a flood in the basement. Damage to personal items that have been stored there may get ruined if this continues to happen on a regular basis. Mold and other harmful fungi can also grow in moist environments, making it virtually hazardous to be in a basement that has had multiple leaks and floods.

To prevent leaking and bowed basement walls, you should have your basement properly waterproofed and sealed. This can be done by a professional who is trained in dealing with sealing basements and providing foundation reinforcement. By waterproofing the basement’s foundation, you will have a space to store your extra items or to relax in anytime you’d like without having to worry about water damage.


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