Foundation Repair & Stabilization

The foundation of your home is the lowest and supporting layer of the structure of your home. Foundations are generally divided into two categories: shallow foundations and deep foundations. The foundation therefore can tell the homeowner stock-photo-749897-cracked-concretewhether the structure of the home is defective by looking for some clear signs in the basement of their home.
Does your basement have wall cracks that are visibly open? Are the basement walls bowing in? Is there a foundation shifting or movement? Do you need foundation stabilization for your home? Do you know what it is or how it can be accomplished?

Foundation Stabilization / foundation reinforcement is the process of stopping movement in your foundation before it gets to the point of needing major, costly repairs or replacement. Basement Wall Repair can be accomplished a few different ways depending on your situation. There is a specific solution to your problem.

Foundation stabilization/ foundation reinforcement can be accomplished these three ways:

  • Stabil – loc piers
  • Traditional steel “I” beam
  • Carbon fiber/kevlar mesh straps (Fortress Stabilization)
  • Internal wall pins
  • Steel “I” beam systems are installed against the wall in the problem areas and are attached to the structure above as well as cemented in under the floor.  This method offers a limited warranty.
  • Our Fortress stabilization systems are bonded into the wall in the problem areas and offer a lifetime warranty.

Carbon Fiber Mesh
Today’s latest foundation repair solution for bowing basement walls is carbon fiber mesh “straps” which are embedded into the face of your foundation walls. Fortress Stabilization has developed a system made of both carbon fiber and Kevlar meshed together giving them the ultimate in tensile and shear strength. These straps are smooth to the wall and paintable making them barely noticeable.

This is the only foundation repair method available with a lifetime guarantee and no maintenance!

We at Pioneer Basement Solutions are Experts in Foundation Repair, offering solutions specific for your problem.

Call today for a free no obligation inspection of your specific foundation repair needs and learn more about what solution best fits your specific situation. Click here for our contact info or schedule a FREE consultation.


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