Free Battery Backup System

For a very limited time Pioneer Basement Waterproofing is offering a free battery backup system for people purchasing basement waterproofing in the Northeast Ohio region from Pioneer Basement Waterproofing.

To find out all the details and whether the special is still available, you are going to have to contact Pioneer Basement Solutions and find out all the details – because supplies are limited.

But why is this a great addition to Ohio basement waterproofing services?

Power backup is very important for your home.  It is one of those things you do not realize until you need it.  A few years ago I lost my power for three days after a severe storm in the Akron area.  One block away I could see they had power, but it took three days to get ours back.  Since we had an electric stove, we were forced to eat food as quickly as possible and could only cook out on the gas grill.  We also bought ice to keep the contents of the fridge cold.  That was not a fun week.

Now if you were thinking about talking to a basement waterproofing contractor, don’t you think it makes sense to talk to a contractor that has years of experience and is offering piece of mind with power backup along with basement waterproofing?

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