Getting Your Home And Vehicle Ready For Winter

stock-photo-4258890-interior-abstractAs we approach the winter months, there are some things that homeowners need to do  to get ready for the cold weather. Preparing your home for the new season is important and can keep you from spending too much money fixing things that could be preventable. Here is a short list to follow:

  • Insulating your doors and windows to keep your heating costs low
  • Shutting off the water to the outside to keep the pipes from freezing and breaking
  • Remove and store your garden hoses for next year
  • Cleaning the gutters from all the Fall leaves and debris
  • Trimming branches that are too close to your house to prevent damage to your property
  • Store your gardening equipment –lawn mower, trimmers- safely for next summer
  • Make sure your furnace has a tune up and replace the filters to keep it running smoothly
  • Change the batteries or buy new Carbon Monoxide detectors and smoke detectors
  • Have a flashlight handy with working batteries in case of an outage

There are many other things that you can do around your house to get it ready for winter, this is a list with the most important chores you can do yourself.

And what about your vehicles?  Getting them ready for winter is not only advisable but imperative to keep you safe on the road.

  • TIRES – Give them a once-over for wear and tire pressure (they can lose pressure in the cold). If you’ll need snow tires, now’s a good time to get them.
  • WIPERS – Hard or worn wipers are a danger in bad weather. Think they can handle the snow/hail/road salt/miscellaneous debris they’ll soon be facing? If not, replace them.
  • FLUIDS – Top up your windshield washer fluid and flush and refill your car’s coolant system.
  • BATTERY – Check that your car’s electrical system is properly charged. The last thing you want in the dead of winter is a dead battery.
  • HEATING – Make sure your heating system and window defroster are working properly. You’ll thank us when the mercury drops.

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