Getting Your Home Ready For The Winter

Getting your home ready for fall and winter is a very small amount of time you need to invest to have things working properly next year.  From cleaning the gutters in your home to putting away the water hoses and machinery in the shed, the amount of work you need to do is minimal if you consider these small chores will ensure a long life to your home.  For more tips about how to get your home ready for fall and winter follow the links below.

Is Your Home Ready For Fall And Winter?

Summer’s over, the kids are back in school, football games have started and the days and nights are starting to get cooler. There are quite a few things you can do to be sure your home is ready for the coming seasons. And none of them include raking leaves, although that’s a good idea too! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Outside Your House

  • Once you’ve washed your car and watered your garden for the last time this year, drain your hose lines and turn off the water to outside valves. Remove the hose from the water valve and store it in a garage or shed. All of these actions will help prevent burst pipes over the winter.
    • Winterize your garden. Be sure all of your plants are trimmed back, and bring in or cover any furniture in your yard. Also cover your air-conditioning condenser unit and grill.

Autumn Checklist

The days are getting shorter, the nights are closing in and the temperature is slowly dropping.  Autumn is the ideal time to address all those little jobs that can make a big difference for you and your family this Winter.  Stop problems now before the Winter winds turn them from minor annoyances into disasters!  Most of the suggestions listed below are well within the average person’s ability but if you don’t feel you’re up to the task, why not contact CPM Exeter to find out more about our Property Maintenance services.

Drainage & Gutters

During the year your drainage system diverts thousands of gallons of water away from your home’s exterior and foundation walls and therefore it’s essential to keep the system flowing freely.  The majority of plants and trees drop their leaves in Autumn so it’s important to clear the drains & gutters regularly to prevent any blockages building up.  You may even wish to fit mesh guards around the edge of the roof or gutters to prevent the debris from returning.

Preparing Your Home for Fall

As much fun as summer can be, it has to end at some point. As the trees begin to change and the weather shifts from hot and humid to cool and crisp, it’s time to accept that fall has arrived once again. Whether you’re sad to see the sweltering weather end or are looking forward to unpacking your favorite cold weather clothes, there’s a lot to do to get ready for the changing seasons.

While the weather during the fall in much of the country remains tolerable for outdoor activities, winter temperatures will be here before you know it. With these helpful tips, you can easily ready your home for fall, and the colder temperatures to come.

  1. Pack up your summer clothes

Some of your summer clothes may be appropriate for light layering in the fall, but most of your shorts and tank tops are ready to be retired for the season. Packing up your summer clothes can make more room in your closet for sweaters, long pants, boots, and coats, making sure you’re prepared for the brisk chill of fall and the colder weather around the corner. Make sure your store your clothing properly to ensure your favorite summer duds are ready for next year.

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