How to find reputable contractor for waterproofing basements


Contractors who are waterproofing basements have had a pretty bad reputation.  Many have terrible better business bureau reports due to sales practices, not honoring warranties, poor workmanship etc… 

Look for  basement waterproofing contractors who have been in business for a good while.  Many contractors in all disciplines, not just those who are waterproofing basements have closed one business to open another.  Almost always this is because of the trouble they had with the previous venture such as customer complaints, lawsuits etc…  Be especially cautious with companies less than ten years old for this reason and for the simple fact that 80% of small businesses in America fail in the first five years, and about the same amount in the next five years.  Surviving ten years in business is one good qualifier.

Better Business Bureau records will tell a lot about basement waterproofing contractors ability to satisfy customers.  They will report only what has happened over the previous 36 months.  You can see what types of complaints have been filed and identify any patterns.  Obviously, companies with zero complaints are the most desirable.

Check customer references.  One way to do this randomly in a way the basement waterproofing contractor can not control is to look at Angie’s List reports.  Angie’s List only lists contractors waterproofing basements whnd they will list a report card in several areas with customer feedback.  This is a great way to qualify contractors of all types.

For more info on waterproofing basements in Northeast Ohio visit: basement repair 

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