Ideas for Your Basement Remodeling Project

Before you begin it is important to make sure that your basement is properly protected. First you need to check to see if you have bowed basement walls. This may be a sign of serious structural damage to your foundation. Another problem area is moisture. You will want to check for basement water leaks. Do you have moldy odors, peeling paint, damp spots or strange white spots on the walls, cracks where water may leak in, rust developing on appliances like the furnace, or dry rot black fungus? These are all signs of basement water leaks that need to be addressed.

Once you have made sure that you don’t have problems with bowed basement walls or water leaks, you can get on with your project. It is time to look into some basement finishing ideas. There are as many ideas and suggestions for this project as there are designers or individuals with a flair for decorating. One thing that all design ideas will need, however, is a proper heating and cooling system. One fine heating solution is to use heated floors. Your contractor can explain how this works. Once the heating system is in place it is time to decide how you’re going to finish your new space. You may want to extend your living area by turning your basement into a cozy family room complete with fireplace and plenty of seating. Or perhaps you would prefer turning it into a recreation area with game tables, and room for parties and dancing. In that case, you may want a small kitchenette, and a good stereo system or room for a band stand to make your recreation area fit for all sorts of entertaining. The possibilities are endless.

Once you have looked into all the basement finishing ideas and decided on what you want your new space to become, you need to chose a design style. You will want to allow the style from your main living quarters to flow freely through your new space so that it becomes an extension rather than a leap into another dimension.

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