Insuring and Protecting Your Home

Rain precipitation in the Northeast Ohio area is always a blessing and a curse.  We need the rain for crops, for plants in our garden and to replenish the water levels of our rivers, lakes, and watersheds.  But, for many homeowners with older homes or new homes with basement issues, the rain precipitation we have every year spells trouble for the basements in the Northeast Ohio area.

Our home is for many of us the biggest asset we own.  Let’s protect it.

During these uncertain times, many homeowners are struggling to pay the mortgage of their home, and issues of insurance and protection might be the last thing in their minds.  But, we must remember, during these difficult times we need to protect the people and the assets that will provide security for our loved ones now and in the future. 

What are the steps you need to do to protect your family? 

If you own a home and have dependents, you need to make sure you have insurance coverage for you and your home.  Regardless of the times and difficult situations, these two insurance coverages will protect your most precious assets. 

  • Home Insurance 
  • Life Insurance

There are different types of homeowners insurance to choose from, and they do not protect your home the same way.  If you have homeowners insurance, now it’s the time to reassess the type of coverage you have, and if you are looking for a better homeowners insurance policy rate, you should be able to find a good one with a lower rate if you have owned your home for several years and have not filed a claim.

The standard homeowners policy only includes:

  1. Water damage from burst pipes or sprinklers
  2. Water damage from wind-driven rain that can damage the roof

The majority of homeowners’ policies do not protect your home if you have a sewer or drain back-up, or if you live close to a river and have a flood because of an overflowing river.  Those are situations where you have to have flood insurance coverage, or have a sewer or drain backup rider added to your policy. Reviewing your policy and making the necessary changes should be done once every year.

How can you protect your home?

  1. Having a homeowner’s insurance policy should be your main priority
  2. A yearly home maintenance checklist should be done every spring or summer
  3. Checking the basement and foundation for issues should be done yearly
  4. Inspect fire and carbon monoxide detectors every year
  5. Check the gutters and drainage to make sure water is not accumulating around the foundation

At Pioneer Basement Waterproofing, we are committed to providing an excellent customer experience for you.  If you have issues with the foundation or the basement of your home, call us and we will give you a free consultation with a solution to your problem.  

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