Investing Your Stimulus Payment

Now that the government stimulus payment seems to be underway, there are several immediate needs families need to be taken care of before they think about investing. If you need to pay your mortgage, rent, insurance, or car payment before you need to do anything else, by all means, you must take care of those issues first and foremost. But, if you have money to invest, (And I do not mean the stock market), what can you do to use the money wisely?

Invest in your home; for the stock market you need to know a little to start investing or you will lose your money very quickly.  Investing in your home is always a better bet.  

Fixing a leaky roof and paying cash can save you the interest you would be paying to the bank, plus increasing the value of your home. That is a sure win for the homeowner. Even if you need to finance a leaky roof, it is money well invested.

When remodeling or fixing up your home, it is always wise to find out what home remodeling projects will give you the most return on your investment. A home improvement project in the Midwest is not comparable to a home improvement project in the East. Your home improvement projects are going to be unique to your home and situation.

In general, these are some of the best home improvement projects that will return more of your investment.

  1. Kitchen Remodel
  2. Minor Bathroom remodeling
  3. Garage Doors
  4. Window Replacement
  5. Finished basement

If you are thinking about selling a home, the aesthetics count for the prospective buyer. A new garage door, a nice wash to the siding of the house, a fresh coat of paint will project a well-tended home.

Those projects will return some of the investment you have so carefully done over the years, but if you have bigger issues, your house won’t sell.  A fresh coat of paint won’t hide the water sitting in the basement of your home or a foundation that has issues.

Taking care of the obvious home problems first and then the aesthetics will give you a better price when selling your home.

Protecting your home means you need to take care of the basement waterproofing issues before you start doing other home projects.  Water seeping into the walls and damaging the foundation of the home is an issue the homeowner cannot ignore.  The water problem in the basement can get bigger and more expensive the more you ignore it. Calling a basement waterproofing company to take care of it is an investment worth making.

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