Is Your Basement Protected From The Rain?

stock-photo-3413377-flood-damageSpring seems to have finally come to the Northeast Ohio region. With a high of 73 degrees in the Akron area, we can expect the weather to bring us the long awaited spring season.  With the spring though comes the rainy season and if you have issues with water in your basement this may not be a good time for you.  The good news is that you can prepare yourself, your home and your family for the rainy season by calling a reputable company that can come and look at your basement and give you a solution without breaking your wallet.

What are some of the options that you can look forward to, to have your basement free of mold and mildew?  An interior basement waterproofing solution is a system that is installed under the basement floor to relieve the water pressure in the ground that builds up around your foundation when the water has nowhere to go.

How do you know whether that is a solution for your basement? Typical signs that an interior basement waterproofing solution is for you are whether your basement has:

  • Basement floor leaks
  • Elevated cracks in your basement floor
  • Water seepage through the seam were the wall meets the floor
  • The bottom row of blocks are damp and show a white powder on them

An interior basement waterproofing solution is one of two options that you have to have your basement free of water, dampness and allergens that can affect the quality of air your family is breathing.

At Pioneer Basement Solutions, our basement waterproofing system offers a lifetime guarantee against future water problems in your basement. Our “no nonsense” warranty is free of charge and automatically transfers to future ownership

Call today to get a free no obligation inspection of your specific foundation needs and to learn more about what solution would best fit your needs. Click here for our contact info.

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