Jackson Township Basement Waterproofing

Crystal Springs, Lake Cable, McDonaldsville, Lake Slagle, Greenwood Acres are all cities in Jackson Township, Ohio that can benefit from basement waterproofing in their homes. Although, Jackson Township is not considered a flood risk factor township, weather changes, and heavy rainstorms can still play havoc with the basement of many homes.

During the winter and after a heavy winter storm, the melting snow stays around the foundation of the home making it easy to find a way to the basement through cracks and steady seeping. During the spring, spring showers can leave your basement flooded and the basement walls wet for most of the rainy season.

The reasons can be different, but unfortunately, the results are always predictable. The basement of the home is flooded and the family cannot use it as they should.

Cracked wall windowCan your home benefit from basement Waterproofing Your Jackson Township Home?

At Pioneer Basement Solutions, we believe your home can greatly benefit from basement waterproofing, especially if you are having issues with water in the basement of your home.

There are many older homes in this area that because of their age, water seepage in the basement is a common occurrence. Here are some reasons why there is water sitting on the basement of the floor.

  1. The sealant on many of these homes is no longer working properly. Or, the sealant might be gone entirely, and that is one of the reasons water is seeping into the basement.
  2. The gutters of the home are full of debris and dumping the rainwater close to the foundation of the home.
  3. The rainwater sits around the foundation of the home due to the lack of a drainage system in place.

Regardless of the reason, if you have water in the basement of your home, you have a problem, and our company can fix for you.

Pioneer Basement Waterproofing is a company with a long history in Northeast Ohio. Established in 1979, Pioneer Basement Waterproofing and foundation repair is the only company with the experience to deliver a dry basement you can finish and enjoy.

Basement Waterproofing Before Finishing It

There are many homes around Jackson Township that will benefit greatly from waterproofing their basement.  But, it especially important if you are thinking about finishing the basement of your home.

Basement waterproofing is the first project you need to do as a homeowner if you are thinking about finishing it.

How Do You Know If You Have Waterproofing Issues in Your Jackson Township Home?

There are some easy-to-spot signs you can find easily if the basement of your home has water problems.

  1. Water sitting on the basement floor
  2. Wet or damp walls
  3. Seepage
  4. Extreme humidity
  5. Bowed or cracked walls
  6. Water coming through the subfloor
  7. Water sediment on the walls

These signs are clearly visible in the basement if you have water problems. You can find the water, sediment on the walls, humidity, and dampness without too much trouble. These signs can be found easily after a heavy rainstorm, or any other time if the problems are serious.

The problems in the basement of the home can be very serious if they are ignored.  Water problems can jeopardize the integrity of the foundation making the home unsafe if those problems continue for many years.

Basement waterproofing is the first step in making your Jackson Township basement home livable, making it safe, and protecting your investment. If you are ready to hire a basement waterproofing company to waterproof the basement of your home, Pioneer Basement Solutions is a company with a history to deliver a dry basement for our clients that is guaranteed to last.  We are a fully insured company with professional, talented employees that will deliver a job well done at the right price.

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