Landscaping Your Home To Add Value

pioneer (6)Many homeowners work tirelessly to improve their homes and their yards every single year.  Whether you are selling your home, or improving the landscape of your home, there are many

tips that can help you improve your yard while protecting your investment, and the inside of your home as well.

5 Landscape Renovations That Really Pay Off (and 1 That Won’t)

April showers will soon bring May flowers … or a slushy mud pit if your yard is more untended jungle than Martha Stewart perfection. If you want to get the most out of your outdoor space—as a lush oasis to relax in all summer, or a valuable amenity if you’re hoping to sell your home—it’s time to start thinking about going the whole nine yards on your yard (so to speak).

Most homeowners spend an average of $1,784 to $3,168 per landscaping project, and the good news is that they’ll usually make back a good chunk of that cash.

According to landscape economist John Harris, keeping up your grounds can contribute to a whopping 28% of your home’s overall value (which makes sense, because a beautiful yard is the very definition of curb appeal). That’s why, for this fifth installment in our series Renovations That Really Pay Off, we highlight all the ways you can make your yard more inviting—and financially rewarding—than ever.

Freshen up what you have

Chances are your yard is running a little wild already, so cleanup comes first. In addition to pruning trees and trimming shrubs, “the most inexpensive and important way to update your yard is to keep it weed-free,” says Stephanie Early of Timberline Landscaping in Colorado Springs, CO.

HOME: Create a Budget-Friendly Home Landscape

KENTUCKY (4/5/16) — Homeowners understandably envy the award-worthy photo spreads in lawn and garden magazines, wanting to emulate those same looks on their own properties.

Scores of designers and landscape architects are involved in the process of creating those amazing lush lawns and perfectly placed plantings. Although not every homeowner has the budget to create lavish landscape designs, it’s still possible for homeowners to create lawns they can be proud of.

Establish your budget. The first step in any project is to determine how much money you can devote to the job. Once you have established the budget, all other factors can be built around it.

Find an inspiration piece. Great landscapes are inspired by many things, whether it’s a memorable piece of art or a landscape layout in a lawn and gardening magazine. Use photos of other gardens or neighbors’ yards as inspiration and build off of them. As long as the theme is cohesive, it will look pleasing to the eye.

Get the most from your landscaping efforts

This time of year always seems to inspire a frenzy of gardening activity.

People flock to nurseries, and trees, shrubs, ground covers, tropicals, perennials and bedding plants are sold by the truckload.

In the frantic rush to plant something in the landscape, however, don’t forget that the more thought you put into your planting decisions, the more satisfactory the results are likely to be.

First, analyze your landscaping needs to decide what planting needs to be done and the purpose it will serve.

Determine, for instance, whether you need to screen unsightly views, remove overgrown shrubs, create shade or privacy, provide an area for children to play, create an area for outdoor living, give your home a more attractive appearance from the street or whatever else.

Once you’ve decided the function and location of new plantings in your landscape, consult landscaping books to help you refine your design ideas and gardening books written for our area to help you select the right plants.


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