Leak in Basement + Wet Basement Mold = Big Trouble

If you have a leak in basement and wet basement mold you very well could be in an unhealthy environment.

While many molds are not dangerous, you still do not want to have more than normal in your home.  A leak in your basement or high humidity can cause higher levels of mold.  Some molds are also highly toxic and can cause fatigue and other symptoms.  If people in your family have health problems that you believe are caused by exposure to mold, you should consult with a physician.

Some people that have allergies or asthma can be more sensitive to molds. People that are more sensitive may experience running nose,  skin rash,  eye irritation, cough, nasal congestion, and even aggravation of asthma or difficulty breathing.  If someone in your home has immune suppression or underlying lung disease, they may be at increased risk for infections from molds if you have a wet basement and mold issues.

You know you are getting a higher level of mold in your home when you can small a musty odor or you see black and while spots appearing on surfaces, such as basement walls.

While there are many ways to combat mold and clean mold, one of the most important steps is to reduce the moisture in your home.  Call a waterproofing company and find out how you can stop the leak in basement and dry it out so that you greatly reduce the wet basement mold that could be bad for your family.

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