Leaky Basement? Call A Reputable Company

stock-photo-3413377-flood-damageMayfield Heights, Wickliffe and Willoughby are the most recent cities to be chosen for a possible scam involving checking people’s basements for water damage.

Holidays are not the only occasion when scams are abundant. Waterproofing services make sense during this time of year due to spring rains and melting snow, but doing your research first can save you a lot of headaches and money. Do not hire someone that knocks at your door to offer you waterproofing services; call a reputable company that has a long untarnished record in the community.

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Mayfield Heights police warn of basement waterproofing scam: Pick of the blotter

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio — Police here warned residents of a possible scam involving a man asking to check people’s basement for water damage.

Two times the same man knocked on residents’ doors, and in one case the man threatened to shut the home’s water off.

One resident refused to let the man inside. The other let the man inspect her basement despite recently having the basement waterproofed, but refused to let him in the next day, police said.

Similar incidents were reported in Wickliffe and Willoughby the day before, police said.

A 5-Minute Guide to Basement Waterproofing

Why Does Your Basement Leak?

Remember, if your landscaping is leveled, even just a couple of inches of rain can take a trip back to your foundation, seep through the basement walls and trigger your basement to leak. Contact www.basementrenovationsorangeville.net today for a dependable company. Cleaning up the water in the basement after it rains is one thing, but the sticking around dampness, musty scent and damages to a property owner’s homes that the water leaves cause what the most headaches for the residents.

If you have family members or little animals allergic to mold and mildew, you will desire to pay special attention to the humidity in your basement as well, mold could aggravate somebody who has allergies, but the number one allergen in a wet basement is in fact the feces of dust mites. Sani-Dry Basement Air Systems are a popular one in the market; it is a high-capacity, high-efficiency dehumidifier with air filtering in a single device. It can take up to 100 pints of water per day out of your house, and move the dry air around your wet basement.

Area the Damp Basement Indicators

Basement Waterproofing Can Save Your Home from Structural Damage

One of the most important aspects of protecting a home is by waterproofing the house against bad and inclement weather, which is typical in most Australian cities. It is also mandatory by law in most cities that homes should be waterproofed to meet safety regulations as dictated by the town councils. In this regard, Australia Wide Painters have had years of experience providing Basement Waterproofing services to homeowners, residential buildings, schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, commercial establishments, and local and federal government buildings. Their staff consists of experienced professionals who have been working for them for years and have the ability to complete their assignments on time, on budget, and with customer satisfaction, as can be evidenced by the testimony of satisfied customers. The concept of waterproofing is to stop moisture and damp from entering the premises being waterproofed and causing any kind of structural damage; it could include areas which are not properly ventilated.

In many homes, the rooms that are waterproofed include areas that are damp and wet like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. However, other areas which frequently require water proofing include roofs, balconies, garages, and basements.


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