Leaky Basements and Mold

The Soggy Underlay

Narrative from real home owner.

It was just miserable when I walked down stairs and found my carpet soggy. I had just moved in so I did not know I had Leaky Basements and Mold problems. Who ever had this place before me should have shared the dreadful information. They sure did disguise it well. I started looking for someone to repair the damage and who knew how to properly do the waterproofing basements need. It was not long before they arrived and had started to repair the Bowed Basement Walls and the cost to finish a basement was low considering the damage done.

I found out that who ever built the house had not known anything about waterproofing basement walls. How it got by inspection, we don’t know, but it certainly has cost me the effort of calling someone to fix it. Other than that, my part has been painless. I just called an Ohio basement waterproofing company and they took care of the rest. Thank goodness for people that know their line of work. I would have no idea how to fix a problem like this. When the leak in my basement was discovered I almost panicked, but I decided that would serve no purpose, so I called for help instead. It was a great decision and they did it in a professional, timely manner. Now my downstairs is nice and dry.

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