Look for basement waterproofing companies that offer good old fashioed straight talk.


If you have been interviewing  basement waterproofing contractors , you probably have noticed they range from very small “one man shows” to large corporations and it can be tough to sift through the good, the bad and the ugly.  Look for a  basement waterproofing contractor who is not trying to control the visit by giving you his one size fits all presentations.

Obviously not all basements have the same material / construction, or water leak / foundation issues… and certainly common sense would be that not all would need the same repair. 

Many  basement systems type companies out there (companies that sell the same basement systems to all prospective customers) are designed to walk you through a sales pitch that is very logical, convincing and strategically designed to move your decision to what they are selling.  You will spot them simply by trying to get them off of their path.  If they constantly say “I’ll get to that in a minute, first…”

And basement waterproofing companies with the highest integrity have nothing to hide so they are happy to answer all your questions on your terms, your schedule.  I haven’t visited a basement where there wasn’t some tip I could freely offer the homeowner that could help them save money and or their foundation in some way.  Even as simple as pointing out that their idea of adding more dirt around the foundation could actually add to the problem they were having.

I think business is changing these days, for the better.  You can find straight talk, free advice and basement waterproofing companies with integrity if you take the time to compare and interview well.  For more information and a free no bligation visit with a straight shooter in north east Ohio, visit the Pioneer Basement Solutions website today.

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