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New Philadelphia Foundation Repair / Restoration

Pioneer has long been providing New Philadelphia Foundation Restoration and basement waterproofing since 1979. Pioneer was established in Northeast Ohio with area people and employs insured employee labor. We install long-lasting solutions to basement difficulties with lifetime guarantees.

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A great many other foundation repair service contractors are a type of chain or franchise, the majority of which originated elsewhere. These businesses use a specific solution or system they sell to every purchaser with experienced sales agents and carefully refined sales presentations. No two basements or homeowners are exactly alike. Our trained staff is not going to utilize a scripted standardized presentation that treats all buyers the same.

Your home and everything in it depends on your foundation. Are you currently in need of a Foundation Repair Company in New Philadelphia? Pioneer Basement Solutions would like to assist you to resolve your basement troubles and make your home safe again.

Pioneer can correct any concern you might be having in the basement and its foundation.

Definitely, Pioneer has a solution no matter the trouble you may be experiencing with the foundation of your home. We have actually been the very best New Philadelphia foundation repair company repairing cracking, shifting, leaning walls, bowing, sinking walls, crumbling floors, and in some cases collapsing foundations for over forty years.

As a house gets older, troubles with foundations are going to happen. Your home in New Philadelphia is no different. When you see curving wall surfaces, the foundation of your home is at risk and you need to have it looked over. Our team can give you a breakdown of what is going on in your basement.

Interviewing foundation repair contractors can be frustrating

Searching for a foundation repair contractor can be a confusing adventure. Many customers have told us they interviewed three or four contractors and have had just as many different solutions presented. Knowing who to trust to solve the foundation problem takes some homework.

Pioneer Offers Basement Solutions in New Philadelphia, Ohio
Pioneer Basement Solutions has been assisting New Philadelphia Ohio residents for over 40 years and provides New Philadelphia basement foundation repair services as well as New Philadelphia basement waterproofing.

We first do an inspection of your basement to see what you need and how our highly-skilled basement professionals can help you improve your home.

We do not engage in high-pressure sales.

New Philadelphia basement foundation repair
Your home is probably one of your highest-value possessions. For this reason, you need to safeguard it and ensure you do repairs to boost the value of your house. That is why waterproofing concerns need to be repaired as quickly as possible.

There are various types of New Philadelphia OH foundation repair contractors each offering a different approach to sales as well as repair methods. Franchises and national chain companies tend to focus highly on trained salespeople and scripted sales presentations. They also offer the same solution to each homeowner, regardless of what the problem is. Family-owned businesses may not have the same high-pressure sales techniques, however, they tend to stick with traditional methods only and don’t venture into more recent technologies or materials. Pioneer offers multiple solutions for various problems and stays up to date on the latest industry improvements in materials and methods. We do not hire and train salespeople to follow a scripted presentation. We do not use sales gimmicks or try to sell something you do not need. Instead, you will be greeted by an expert who can explain the cause of your foundation problem and how each solution works. As a result, you are able to make the most informed decision.

New Philadelphia OH Foundation Repair Categories

  • Bowing Basement Walls
  • Settling/Sinking Foundation
  • Tipping Foundation
  • Sliding Foundation
  • Rotting Foundation
  • Bowing Basement Walls Fixed Permanently

New Philadelphia OH foundation repair for bowing wallsToday’s latest repair solution for bowing basement walls is carbon fiber mesh “straps”. These straps are embedded into the face of your foundation walls. Fortress Stabilization offers a system made of both carbon fiber and Kevlar meshed together giving them the ultimate in tensile and shear strength. The Fortress system incorporates top and bottom anchors. The top anchor will prevent wall tipping or sliding. The bottom anchor will prevent shearing. The Fortress straps are smooth to the wall and paintable making them barely noticeable. Other older methods available on the market include steel I beams, wall anchors, and concrete and rebar fill.

Settling Foundation Permanently Solved With Stabil-Loc Piering
New Philadelphia OH Foundation Repair for settling foundationCommonly referred to as “underpinning”, foundation piering involves installing support from underneath your sinking foundation. The piers stabilize the foundation to prevent further settling. There are several types of foundation piers on the market to choose from. We install the Stabil-Loc pier directly under the foundation giving the foundation the ultimate strength and support. What causes foundation settlement and movement? Several things can cause foundation settlement. Building on expansive clay or improperly compacted fill soils can result in settling. Improper maintenance around foundations can cause foundations to move and sink. Whatever the cause, settlement can destroy the value of structures and even make them unsafe. If you think there is a problem with your foundation, call for a professional assessment of your property. We will be able to evaluate any damage that has occurred and determine the best plan for your situation. You should routinely check the foundation of your home. Small cracks can end up causing big problems!

Sliding Foundation Fixed Permanently
Blocks can break free at mortar joints and slide inwards. Typically the cause of this issue is a combination of soil pressure and failing foundation drainage. Foundation drains that become clogged or backed up allow water to get to the bottom rows of block. This water can rot the mortar joints between the rows of blocks, therefore making them weak. As a result, the weakened points in the wall can give way allowing blocks to slide inward over the row below them. This movement is called “foundation shearing.” The solution to this problem depends on two factors. How far has your foundation slid out of place? Is the foundation deteriorating? Some shearing foundations may be stabilized to stop further movement and others may need foundation replacement. Contact us today for an inspection.

Rotting Foundation Fixed Permanently
If you have foundation blocks rotting, crumbling apart, and/or falling out of place, you may need a foundation replacement. Over time the original waterproofing system on the foundation deteriorates. Many houses have a thin coat of concrete mortar on the foundation, called “parging”. Parging seals up the pores of the foundation and creates a smooth surface. Then, a coating of a waterproofing sealer is applied, often referred to as tar. The tar coating is an asphalt-based sealer, such as what is used to seal blacktop driveways. Sooner or later, the black coating biodegrades. Damp soils begin to soak into the concrete or mortar coating once the black seal is gone. A foundation wall can become porous again when the parging begins to deteriorate. The wall will, therefore, be more susceptible to absorbing dampness. This causes the concrete to lose its bonding agent, which is lime. This thus creates a white powder to appear, called efflorescence. Eventually, foundation rot and mortar rot will lead to blocks shifting, crumbling and in need of replacement. If you catch this process of deterioration early enough the exterior surface can be restored and the foundation can be dry again. Exterior basement waterproofing and foundation reinforcement can save the foundation and offer many decades of dry stable performance. Contact us today for a New Philadelphia OH foundation repair inspection.

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