Put an End to Wet Basement Hazards

Do you worry every time it rains? A wet basement — anything from simple dampness to standing water—can cause expensive damage to your whole house. A basement waterproofing contractor is a trained professional who can diagnose and solve your problem.

Do you have bowed basement walls? Saturated soil puts extreme pressure on the foundation of your home, and can cause leaks and cracks. In the winter, saturated soil can cause frost damage. Damage to your home’s foundation can compromise the structure of your whole house, and possibly lead to expensive repairs. Even without severe damage, a wet basement reduces the value of your home significantly, and makes it more difficult to sell if you need to make a move.

Insects—even carpenter ants and termites—are attracted to wet basements; they are almost impossible to eradicate as long as the moisture problem continues. Add to this the problem of wet basement mold and mildew, and you have real trouble! Mold can be a serious health hazard and the musty odor of a wet basement tends to affect the entire home. There is a financial cost here, too, as carpets and furniture that mildew may need replacement.

To avoid any of these serious problems and more, pick up the phone and call an Ohio basement waterproofing company without delay.

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