Signs Of Basement Waterproofing Problems

For many homeowners around the Northeast Ohio area, the rainy season can be a blessing and a curse.  If you have an older home and have problems with water in the basement, the rainy season can be a nightmare all spring and summer long.

There are many reasons you have water in the basement of your home.  Firstly, if you have an older home, the basement sealant might not be doing its job, or it might be gone altogether. Secondly, the gutters in your home might be clogged and dumping the rainwater close to the foundation of the home. Thirdly, the water drainage around the home might not be doing its job or you might not have any drainage whatsoever.

How can you tell if you have a basement waterproofing issue at home? These are some of the easy-to-spot signs you can see for yourself if you have water in the basement of your home.

  • Damaged walls due to water seepage
  • cracked or bowed walls
  • musty smell
  • mold or mildew
  • Water on the basement floor
  • rust on items stored in the basement
  • water sediment visible on the walls

It is extremely important to contact a basement waterproofing company right away if you have issues with water in the basement.  Moreover, these issues can become serious issues if you ignore them or postpone fixing them. Water in the basement of the home can be a small nuisance or a very serious problem in the future.

Can I Stop Water from Coming Into the Basement by myself?  

There are 3 easy steps you can follow to stop water from coming into the basement of the home and your first lines of defense.

  1. Clean the gutters-Making sure the gutters of the home are clean and are allowing the water to drain away from the foundation of the home is the first step you need to take to stop water from seeping into the home. If you have broken or damage gutters, you need to replace them before doing anything else.
  2. Drainage-Making sure the spouting are firmly in place and serviceable will stop the rain water from pooling around the foundation and eventually finding a way to the basement of your home.
  3. Flower beds and shrubbery-Flower beds that allow water to pool around the foundation are a big problem you can fix easily. Flower beds overfilled with mulch need to be flatten and allow the water to drain away from the foundation.  Trimming the shrubbery around the foundation allows the water to drain away instead of pooling around it. Plus, short shrubbery allow the house to dry and avoid the green mold on the outside of the home.

After you follow these simple steps to stop water from coming into the home, you need to make sure they are working and the basement is dry.  If you still have issues with water you need to call a basement waterproofing company to come into your home and diagnose the problem. Water in the basement of the home is not only a nuisance, it can be dangerous to the integrity of the foundation.

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