Small Leak? Still call a basement waterproofing company

stock-photo-6173250-pipes-under-houseIn the world of plumbing, there are a number of reasons why a basement might start to leak. The most obvious reason concerns drainage or a blockage. Either the water is not draining properly or there is something in the pipes that is blocking water flow. It is very frustration trying to find the source of the leak. Even a small leak might damage the basement and lead to costly repair problems. That is exactly why we advise customers that even with a small leak, still call a basement waterproofing company.

It is possible that a basement leak is due to a drainage problem, blockage, and water seeping in through outside pipes. Another problem that surfaces concerns humidity. High humidity in a basement might mimic a leaking problem. Commonly, the home owner might try to determine the nature of the leak. We recommend that the home owner contact a basement waterproofing company for quick inspection and a professional determination of the problem. This is the best way to permanently end the leaking problem.

Statistics show that the average home owner has experienced several leaks over the course of ten years. This is often due to poor construction, older homes, faulty pipes, and a number of other reasons. Fixing that small leak is more important than many might think. That small leak might lead to mold growing over the basement floor and the walls. This is a serious problem that might lead to health concerns for the family. A basement waterproofing company can stop the damage before it starts. They have all the tools and equipment to effectively stop the damaging leak before it spreads.

Let’s face facts. Even the best homes might experience a damaging leak. It is still best to make the call to a basement waterproofing company for a permanent repair. Make sure that you contact the company immediately after the leak develops. This is the best practice to avoid further water damage.


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