Spring thaws cause the worst basement water leaks

Over the winter snow accumulates on the ground and melts into the soil saturating it and inevitably cause the year’s worst basement water leaks.  If you have basement water leaks and you are interviewing basement waterproofing contractors you will want to know about a few things to ensure you are getting a fair and honest assessment of your foundation problems.

There are two types of water that cause basement water leaks and they are surface water and ground water. Different basement systems solve each of these basement problems.  Some basement systems are designed for waterproofing basement walls and others are more designed for the floor areas.

With exterior basement waterproofing most of the work is aimed at  waterproofing basement walls from the outside giving you a dry foundation.  The exterior basement waterproofing method is best for those with surface water problems resulting in wet basement walls, especially high to mid wall.

With interior basement waterproofing the work is designed to grab ground water build up before it gets to the basement floor areas keeping ground water under control and out of your basement.  The basement systems designed for interior basement waterproofing solve the  basement water leaks that come in where the walls meet the floor area.  This is the most common problem and solution.

Installing basement drains outside will most likely not solve problems with water under the floor just as installing basement drains inside will most likely not solve wet basement walls up high to mid wall.

For more info about what basement systems will solve your basement water leaks visit Northeast Ohio’s #1 award winning customer service  basement waterproofing contractor here: Pioneer Basement Solutions

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