To Do Before Basement Finishing

before basement finishing

To Do Before Basement Finishing

Many people ask us about what they need to do before basement finishing. Many homes in Ohio are older and have old basements. Finishing the basement can add a lot of livable space to your home. There are a lot of things to consider before basement finishing whether you are going to DIY or hire a professional.

1) Bring in a basement waterproofing company to do an inspection. If you have slight leaks or cracks that could get worse, they could quickly ruin your basement refinishing effort. Always start with an inspection of your foundation walls and flooring.

2) Have the electrical inspected. If you are going to be finishing walls that are currently not finished, now is the time to replace or add any wiring that might need work. It is much easier to do before you finish the basement.

3) Check beams for insect or water damage before basement finishing. You do not want to cover up support beams that might have termite or other types of damage. This kind of damage can weaken the core support of your home and be a serious safety issue.

4) Inspect the entire foundation for cracks, holes or ways that animals, water or dirt can get in. Have these things fixed before you cover the area up. A bee’s nest in the wall is not a welcome find.

5) Clean and fumigate the entire space before basement finishing. Make sure it is dirt, mold and bug free before you begin your project. Mold or mildew growing behind your new walls is going to make the newly refinished basement musty and moldy again if you do not solve these issues.

6) Choose materials wisely. Carpet is most likely not a great choice in the basement. Instead, a tile floor and an area carpet is safer and can be a very similar environment.

7) Replace bowed basement walls before basement finishing. If your walls are bowing, usually due to water issues, you need the walls replaced and supported better. Covering them with a frame and drywall will not stop the basement wall from collapsing. This can be a very serious risk to your home and safety.

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Many basements in Ohio can be refinished to be beautiful extensions of a home. However, make sure you go through our checklist of things to consider and inspect before basement finishing.

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