Top Basement Waterproofing Problems

stock-photo-10948377-basement-repair-exposed-foundationHow do you find a reputable company to fix your problems with the leaks you have in your basement? Do you hire a company that offers you too many deals that are too good to be true? Remember that a company that has operations at a national level may have franchisees that do not offer the same deals as the parent company.  Each franchise is owned and operated independently and their guarantees do not reflect those of the main company.  A locally owned company with a long history of customer satisfaction that can deliver excellent work without offering you too many deals to be true is the answer to your problems.  Angies List can give you a list of companies that you really should look into before calling or accepting any offers.  The Better Business Bureau website can give you a better image of the company you will be hiring, but it is important to do a bit of research before hand to know whether the solutions and estimates a company gives you make sense to you.

During this time of year, when the melting of snow and spring showers can be seen and felt  in your basement -if indeed you have some problems- is the right time to fix your basement leaks.  By fixing you basement leaks right when you notice them can save alot of money, and can save the integrity of your foundation.

Top 5 Basement Waterproofing Problems

With spring right around the corner and the potential for all that melting snow to find its way into your basement, it’s time to do a serious evaluation. Protecting your family and belongings from catastrophic loss due to basement flooding can be as simple as knowing what to look for. There are a few common problem areas that you can check and take corrective action before major disaster strikes. Fortunately, the waterproofing professionals at Royal Work Corp. can provide both the knowledge and the skills needed to help you avoid costly repairs. The time you spend now can save you thousands of dollars later.

1. Foundation wall cracks

Cracks can be caused by natural foundation settling and may start out small. Winter can wreak havoc with freezes and thaws to expand those cracks sufficiently to allow water penetration. In addition, groundwater causes hydrostatic pressure that can lead to cracking or gaps. Small or large, cracks that show discoloration or have water leaking through them should be checked out immediately by a professional. There are several courses of action that can be taken to prevent more serious issues if done early.

One of the things some homeowners forget is that when checking costs and solutions to fix your basement problems is that not every home is the same.  Your leaks and the solutions offered are just only that. A trustworthy company is needed to offer you solutions and costs that are specific to your home. Read more by following the links below.

How much does it cost to waterproof a basement?

According to most experts there is no way to give a “ballpark” figure for the waterproofing of a basement. This is because moisture can enter the space through a number of ways, and for a wide range of reasons. For instance, some people havecondensation problems that lead them to believe there is some sort of leaking in the basement, this is something easily remedied by improving ventilation, and dehumidifying the air using a standard dehumidifying unit (averaging around$250).

For the purpose of this discussion we will consider several ways to waterproof a basement when leaking is the source of the moisture.

  • Seepage – Among the most common of all reasons for water in the basement is the appearance of cracks and leaks in the basement floors and walls. This allows water from the ground to seep into the area and remain there unless removed in another way. According to the best way to address this problem is to install a baseboard drain leading to a sump pump that removes the water mechanically. This will cost between $10.50 and $21 per square foot depending upon the size of the basement and the system selected;

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