Waterproofing the Basement to Beautifully Finished It.

If there is something this COVID-19 pandemic has shown us is that we as a global nation were woefully unprepared to deal with it and its ramifications. The health care systems of developed nations came under a strain that easily broke under an increasing number of patients affected by the virus, and the optimal care doctors and nurses could provide couldn’t be sustained for very long.  For undeveloped nations, things are much worse.

Corporate America faced the challenges of a remote workforce, universities saw their student body disappear almost fully from their campuses, and the economic backlash to many small businesses was the last strain for many of them. Tens of thousands of small businesses closed forever in the United States and across the globe.

Families in the United States are facing many challenges as well.  Parents-if they still have a job-are working from home and most likely their children are doing their schooling remotely as well. If space was limited before, the constant presence of most family members in one place every day has made quiet, available space a commodity.

Every room in the house is supposed to have exclusive use.  The kitchen is for cooking and having meals, the bedrooms are for sleeping, etc. But, unfortunately, many people do not have space for a personal office to use.  All the space is taken and mixing the bedroom with an office is not recommended. Where do you go to work and be productive?

The basement is a great place to have an office.  The basement is cool in the summer and can be enjoyed all summer long.  Air conditioning is not necessary. If the basement is a bit cool during the winter, a small space heater can make it very comfortable for anyone. The basement has a quietness that allows you to be productive and comfortable without the many interruptions of having family members home. 

The real question is: Do you have a finished basement? Do you know where to start if you do not?

5 Tips For a Beautiful Finished Basement

  1. Waterproofing the basement of your home is the first step toward having a beautifully finished basement.  Even if you have a new home, you need to make sure to call a professional company that has the experience and knowledge to do a basement waterproofing job for your home.  It is rare to have basement issues in a new home, but making sure you do not have problems is the first step toward having extra, beautiful livable spaces for you and your family.
  2. Call and research through your local Better Business Bureau the companies you think you want to hire for the job.
  3. Hire a company that is knowledgeable in basement waterproofing and basement finishing. Not all companies can do both jobs, and not all companies can do them well.
  4. Ask for at least three different quotes from different companies before you commit to anything.
  5. Ask questions and voice your concerns if you have any.  If you are hiring a good company, they will gladly answer all your questions.

Having a nice office in a quiet place can be difficult. The investment of waterproofing and finishing a basement might seem like a big investment for you, but the rewards are many. An office to do your job well is crucial, and the investment of waterproofing and finishing the basement adds value to the home if you plan to sell it in the future.  Now it’s time to invest in a place for you to work peacefully and for your family to enjoy.

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