Waterproofing, Then Finishing The Basement of Your Home

Are you Spending your stimulus check wisely?

Many Americans are using their stimulus checks and extra $600 a month to pay their mortgage or rent, buy groceries, or to buy many essential items they needed.  For many other Americans, their stimulus check has provided the extra cash to do many house projects they needed and couldn’t afford to do before the pandemic.

Among those house projects, they needed to do was waterproofing their basement.  With many parents now working from home, space can be limiting.  An office space with tranquility can be hard to find when the whole family is home.  A finished basement can give a family the extra space and tranquility they need.  A finished basement can give you the playroom for the children to have, or the office space the parents need.

Before calling a contractor to finish your basement, you have to make sure the basement is waterproofed.  Waterproofing the basement should be the first item you get to cross out and perhaps the most important one to have a finished basement the whole family can enjoy.  A wet basement or a basement with high levels of humidity, sitting water on the floor, or a continuous seeping through the basement walls have to be fixed before anything else is done.

A wet, moldy basement is not only unpleasant to have, but can be very harmful to your health.

How can you tell whether you have a problem or not? 

These are some of the easy to spot signs you can see for yourself and begin the process of waterproofing your basement before you call a contractor.

  1. Cracks in the walls
  2. Cracks along the seams where the walls meet the floor
  3. Water sitting along the basement walls
  4. Peeling paint
  5. Mold
  6. Musty odor
  7. Water in any part of the basement

There are many advantages to having a finished basement.  You can comfortably have space for the family play area, and a home office without compromising your privacy or your health.  

The odors and air quality in your home can be affected by a wet basement. Many respiratory systems including asthma can be triggered by the mildew growing in the basement of your home.

Air quality in your home

Good air quality in your home is important to the health of you and your family. Many respiratory issues related to mold and mildew are serious conditions that can affect your health. According to the asthma and allergy foundation of America, there are 6.2 million children under the age of 18 that have asthma.  The increase of asthma among Americans has been steadily increasing since the 1980s, and children are the ones with the higher rates of illness among them.

Mold can grow rapidly when tiny spores land on wet surfaces in the basement, making it unavoidable that the family will be exposed to the mold or mildew growing inside their homes.

Investing in your home is not a new concept.  Americans spend billions of dollars on home improvement projects every year, and during this pandemic that hasn’t changed.  But because of the increase in home improvements this year and the Covid-19 labor shortage, you need to be prepared for delays among contractors and the manufacturing industry.

Call us to set up an appointment to waterproof or finish your basement this year.  Our long history in the community and our outstanding customer service has made us a company you can trust.

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