What basement systems are the best for waterproofing basements

Basement waterproofing involves installing drains around the footer, or base of your foundation.  These foundation drains are either on the inside, the outside or both.  There are several  basement systems out there that are some sort of variation of the above.  Many basement waterproofing companies are franchise operations and by the nature of that type of business model, have a drain that is a neat color or shape and a patent.  This way their marketing department can sell it as “exclusive” so you cannot compare / shop their pricing.

Foundation drains are foundation drains.  Or are they?  Some interior basement systems are actually not true footer drains but rather a variation of the old fashioned “baseboard drain”.  They are installed on top of the footer which is level.  Water lays in them until there is enough volume in there to push it around to a point where it can run to a floor drain or sump pump.  These systems do nothing to rid the water under your foundation and were originally designed to drain wet basement walls.

The bottom line is the best basement solution for your basement will be determined not by the flashy marketing or super duper wowee pump system.  It is simple.  If you have water build up under your basement the only way to get rid of that water is to install foundation drains under your basement, or an interior basement waterproofing system.  If you have wet basement walls the only way to properly dry them out and keep them dry is to excavate and install exterior basement waterproofing.

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