What To Do When You Have a Leaky or Wet Basement

During extended periods of rainfall or during the wet months, water can seep through the walls and the foundation of the home where the wall meets the floor.

Water in the basement can be a frustrating problem which not only causes heartache to the homeowner but also weaken the foundation of your home. When the foundation of a home is compromised, a home may shift in the future and cause extensive damage to other portions of the home. Moreover, accumulation of water in the basement can also lead to mold and mildew buildup which consequentially adds health hazards in conjunction with foundation problems as well. Nonetheless, a leaky or wet basement can be remedied with the help of a qualified basement waterproofing company or contractor.

First, configuring the needs of your basement in terms of functionality should initially be examined. For instance, if you would like to utilize your basement further for a home addition instead of solely housing your appliances, this should be taken into consideration first. Consequentially, the homeowner should possibly consider a complete basement renovation which will include basement waterproofing. However, if your basement will not serve as a home addition, will not house anything more than appliances or serve as storage, then solely choosing a basement waterproofing company or contractor will be sufficient. Nevertheless, the contractor or company will not only locate the source of the basement water leaks, but will repair and guarantee that the leaking will not return in all the examined areas of the basement. This will ensure that in the event of the sale of the home or future renovations, the home will be adequate for these functions. Please keep in mind that while some DIY products ensure a remedy for wet basements and leaking in foundations, these products do not provide the same guarantee as a qualified waterproofing contractor or company and will not ensure the prevention of leaks in the future. Waterproofing companies and contractors are licenses and bonded which will protect themselves and your home in the event of any accidents. Basement waterproofing companies and contractors provide the added protection, guarantee, and professionalism that cannot be offered by any other basement waterproofing alternative.

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