What to look for in basement waterproofing company to solve basement water leaks


Not every basement waterproofing company goes about solving basement water leaks the same way, as you may have learned if you have been shopping basement waterproofing companies lately.  Most basement waterproofing companies sell specific basement systems like a one size fits all and some basement waterproofing contractors are full service.  That would be the first thing to look for when considering contracting your basement repair project.

Companies that sell one specific system, franchised contractors for sure operate this way, will have impressive presentations that will bring up other methods and present an argument for their solution.  A full service  basement waterproofing company will leave you in control of the solution that makes the best sense for your problems with plenty of good direction and advice.  To test a company ask for references on each method, exterior basement waterproofing and interior basement waterproofing as well as combination solutions.

Look for the obvious (yet not as common as you think) such as licensing, bond, worker’s compensation insurance etc…  Many salesmen will say they have those things, make them prove it and also call your local building department to verify.

Check out the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List reports.  Dig in beyond the surface rating and look at the complaint histories such as what types of complaints have been filed and are they resolved. 

Avoid “today only” or any other sales gimmicks.  A popular one among basement waterproofing companies is the “stand by” or “flex schedule” tactic.  They tell you they can offer a substantial savings if you are willing to be on call.  It is simply a tactic using logic to get another shot at a signed contract on the first visit.

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