What type of foundation waterproofing makes sense

There are so many different opinions on what basement systems will work when shopping for a solution that it may be difficult to know what type of foundation waterproofing makes sense.  I often hear prospective customers tell me that they get different solutions from contractors and they ask why do they not all see the problem the same way and recommend the same foundation waterproofing solution.

To begin with most basement waterproofing contractors focus on one solution.  The either offer exterior basement waterproofing or interior basement waterproofing and naturally will only recommend what they sell.  They often have convincing arguments for their solution which is what makes it so difficult to choose a foundation waterproofing solution.

First identify the problem.  Do you have wet basement walls that are wet up high to mid wall?  Do you have wet basement walls only at the very bottom where the floor meets the wall?  Do you not really have wet walls much or at all but have water in the basement on the floor?

The first scenario, wet basement walls will most likely mean the original seal of the foundation is bad and needs replaced…if accessible (that is key).  This means you have surface water issues that need to be looked at and solved with exterior basement waterproofing or other solutions such as new gutters and downspout lines.

The other scenarios may be simple ground water build up under the foundation which is best solve with interior basement waterproofing solutions.  You may even have a combination of issues and need a combination solution.

Look for basement waterproofing contractors who are truly full service offering all types of foundation waterproofing solutions and can customize the solution to fit your specific needs rather than sell you their one size fits all basement systems.

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