Why does each basement waterproofing contractor offer different basement systems?


The reason each  basement waterproofing contractor you call out may offer different basement systems to solve your problem may be that you are not talking to full service  basement waterproofing contractors.  Many basement waterproofing companies offer just one solution to every potential customer they encounter regardless of the type of basement water leaks they see.

Different basement systems will solve different basement water leaks and some may simply control actual water seepage into your basement an not truly stop water from getting there in the first place.  It is important that you know what type of problem you have.

If you are seeing water run down your foundation walls or even damp basement walls where paint will not stick and even crumbling of your basement wall surface, you likely will be a good candidate for  basement systems that involve exterior basement waterproofing.  These types of problems are typically surface water problems.  Note however, that in this scenario I am referring to problems from the ground level or close to it down to mid wall.  If your problems are only down at the bottom of the wall you may have a different problem.

The bottom line is  exterior basement waterproofing involves sealing the basement walls.  This will give you a warranty fro dry basement walls.  If water is coming up through your basement floor or through the wall and floor seams, you will likely need an interior basement waterproofing system.  The only way to get water that builds up from under your foundation and stop it from entering at the wall and floor seams is to install drainage below the floor which is an interior basement waterproofing system.

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