Basement Waterproofing Contractors Akron Oh Awarded Angie’s List Award

Basement Waterproofing Contractors Pioneer Basement Solutions serving North East Ohio since 1979 awarded the coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award and the BBB’s Gold Star Award several consecutive years in a row for perfect customer service with zero complaints.

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No basement waterproofing contractors in the Akron, Medina, Kent, Stow, Cuyahoga Falls and surrounding areas can compare to the customer service record of Pioneer Basement Solutions.  Founded in 1979 on principle of integrity, honesty and fair pricing, Pioneer Basement Solutions offers a no sales pitch, no sales pressure straight forward approach and never recommends more than what is required to fix a leaky basement or foundation repair needs.

Locally owned and operated, Pioneer is licensed insured and bonded.  All work is performed by Pioneer Basement Solutions’ employees, all work is insured and all customers are protected against the potential nightmares of dealing with basement waterproofing contractors that subcontract the work or use temporary labor.

Having problems with your basement such as water leaking in, mold, basement wall cracks or bowing basement walls?  We take a straight forward approach to inspect your basement foundation problems to identify causes and then review with you the solution options.

We are a full service basement waterproofing company offering all types of basement waterproofing including full exterior excavation and basement waterproofing membrane system, interior basement waterproofing systems and unlimited combinations in between.

We offer all types of foundation repair including foundation replacement, stabilization, and piering.

One sized solutions do not fit all basement waterproofing or foundation repair needs.  Be cautions of basement waterproofing companies who go through a fancy presentation and end up with a patented “one of a kind” basement waterproofing solution.

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Mold in the Basement -Musty Basement Smell

Often times people tell me that they have some mold in the basement or a musty basement smell and so they want to get their basement waterproofed. Most people believe that basement mold is due to a leaky basement but many times it is not. There are many factors that can contribute to mold in the basement and that nasty musty basement smell.

High humidity is natural in basement spaces. Basements are the lowest point in the home and humidity in the air is heavy. This heavy humidity will naturally settle into the basement space and it lays at the bottom like a fog with no where to go. With no ventilation the humidity creates an ideal environment for the mold to grow on things that are fibrous in nature. Boxes, painted walls, wood and other stored items especially those stored on the floor will be great food for the mold and mildew to grow developing that unwanted odor.

If you have water held in your basement walls this may contribute to the mold growth as well. This would not usually happen with unpainted walls however. Mold needs something fibrous to grow into, and that is usually the paint on the walls. Mold due to water in basement walls is obviously more serious than mold due to high humidity levels.

Installing a ventilation system to eliminate the conditions allowing the mold to grow in the basement like a Humidex unit may be all you need. These units will create an air exchange of the basement air up to six times per hour by drawing healthy air from upstairs and expelling stale air from the basement to the outside of the home.

More serious conditions may be solved with either interior basement waterproofing or exterior basement waterproofing. You should have a professional basement waterproofing contractor evaluate your foundation and recommend the basement solutions that fit your specific needs.

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Which Basement Systems are right for YOU?

I know that when shopping for a basement waterproofing system it may be difficult to know what type of options make sense because there are so many different opinions on what basement systems will work. Prospective customers often tell me that they get different solutions from contractors and they ask why don’t all waterproofing contractors see the problem the same way and recommend the same foundation waterproofing solution.

The answer lies in the fact that most basement waterproofing contractors focus on and only offer one solution, either offering exterior basement waterproofing or interior basement waterproofing and naturally they will only recommend what they sell. They often have convincing arguments for their solution which is what makes it so difficult to choose a foundation waterproofing solution.

To know what foundation waterproofing solution makes sense you should first identify the type of problem. Do you have wet basement walls that are wet up high to mid wall? Do you have wet basement walls only at the very bottom where the floor meets the wall? Do you not really have wet walls much or at all but have water in the basement on the floor?

With the first scenario wet basement walls will most likely mean the original seal of the foundation is bad and needs restored…if accessible (that is key). This means you have surface water issues that need to be looked at and solved with exterior basement waterproofing or other solutions such as new gutters and downspout lines.

With the other scenarios there may be simple ground water build up under the foundation which is best solve with interior basement waterproofing solutions. You may even have a combination of issues and need a combination solution.

The point is you should look for basement waterproofing contractors who are truly full service offering all types of foundation waterproofing solutions.

Also, make sure you do your homework. Look at their record with the BBB and Angie’s list as well, and ask them for references to call, some newer and some older. Years in business is not always an indication of quality of service.

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