Battery Back Up System – Sump Pump

Never worry about whether your sump pump is going to work or not again with the smartest battery back up system on the market!  The PumpSpy system is not only a battery back up in the event of a power outage, but a very powerful pump monitoring system that keeps an eye on the overall performance and condition of your pump system.

The PumpSpy System has a built-in cellular data connection directly to PumpSpy’s remote monitoring network. Your sump pump, backup pump and battery all connect to the PumpSpy System. Our remote monitoring network automatically monitors and records pump data and notifies you if service is required. PumpSpy’s network remotely tests your sump pump system at least three times a week. PumpSpy compares incoming data to your recorded data to detect preventative maintenance for your system, before a problem occurs. You can receive PumpSpy messages via text message, email or the PumpSpy app on your smartphone.

There’s no extra network equipment to buy. PumpSpy does not use your Wi-Fi or internet connection since if the power were out that would be down too.

For less than 25 cents a day, you never have to check on your sump pump again. PumpSpy watches it for you, automatically, 24 hours a day.  CELLULAR MONITORING NOT REQUIRED.  Stand alone, the PumpSpy is still an awesome back up system.

There is a 30 DAY FREE monitoring trial with every installation!

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PumpSpy is simply the smartest, toughest sump pump battery back up system available!