Basement Waterproofing All Year

Basement waterproofing, foundation repair, or basement finishing can be done all year round. Oftentimes, the summer is a busy period for families to finish projects around the home. But, the fall and winter months can be the perfect months for you to waterproof the basement of your home. Also, if you are thinking about finishing the basement to acquire more livable space, you need to waterproof the basement first. It is expensive and a big headache if the waterproofing of the home is ignored or not addressed.

Many companies want you to believe basement waterproofing is not a simple concept when in fact  there are only three different ways water can come into the basement of the home:

  1. Basement walls
  2. Basement floors
  3. The seam where the floor meets the walls

Now that you know where the water can come from, you must remember there are two types of water that can come into the basement:

  1. Surface water
  2. Groundwater

Your new or old home has a basement waterproofing system that takes the water away from the foundation.  Whether the home’s waterproofing system is new or old, its function is to take the water and drain it away from the foundation. This drainage system can be the inside or outside of the home and that’s why you have interior and exterior basement waterproofing systems. 

What basement waterproofing system is the best for you?  

The basement waterproofing contractor has to diagnose the problem in your home before advising you what you need. There are many variables they need to consider before advising the best option for your home.  Do some research before the basement waterproofing contractor arrives at your home.  Keep in mind, basement waterproofing is not a complicated matter.  If the contractor wants to sell you their patented, bogus systems, call another company.  There are many trustworthy companies that will tell you exactly what the problem is and the solution as well.  They won’t confuse you with fancy patented names to be able to charge you more. And they won’t pressure you by having a script and hard sell you their products.

What is the price of waterproofing the basement of my home?

Regardless of what basement waterproofing system you are advised to have, there are some variables to consider when asking what the full price will be. For example, how big is the basement? What is the price of materials used?  What is the labor cost associated with that type of basement waterproofing? Do I need the sump pump replaced? Does the foundation need work? Everything dealing with waterproofing the basement has a cost and it can be higher the more problems it has. Keep in mind that there are many companies that can waterproof your basement, but not all of them can do a good job. Call at least three different companies to compare prices and services before committing to any contract. You must ask the basement waterproofing contractor to explain the method, the price, time frame for the work to be done, etc. before signing any papers and before any money is exchanged.

Checking the company references is a good first step for any homeowner’s wanting to waterproof their basement. The company’s Better Business Bureau rating (BBB) is the first place to start, and customer testimonials are very helpful when you need to hire a company to come into your home.  You have to look into good and bad customer testimonial to have a small idea about the company.  The choice, of course, is up to you. Also, you might have family recommendations that are better suited for you than any other option you can find.

From the many companies waterproofing the basement of many Ohio homeowners, Pioneer Basement Solutions has been a pioneer in delivering excellent results with the right price tag.  We are an established company that has made it its mission to treat our customers the way we want to be treated while delivering excellent craftsmanship every time.

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